Graduate School

Everyone can relax I’ve figured out what it is I want to do with my life. Well sort of…I wanna work in a library. Is that really surprising. I didn’t think so. I want to do something with archival and yet something to do with computers. I haven’t really narrowed it down, because I’m not sure what all that is encompassed in a Library Science Degree. But at least I know the direction I want to go to. Now I have to work The Job, so I can pay for the GRE which is $130, I know there’s a fee reduction waiver, which would bring the cost down to $70. But I’m not sure if I qualify for it anymore, so I’m just going on with the thing that it cost the full amount. Then pay for the application fee, which is $45. I’m applying to UNCG, they finally got word back that they will be keeping their accreditation as long as they follow through with some initiatives to get more minorities into their program. Which means scholarships, that’s a good thing. I’ve tried to write my personal statement. So far my life is summing up to one paragraph, I think that’s kind of sad. At this point I’m kind of stuck, I need an opener and I guess I should talk about why I want to pursue such a degree.

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