Book Review 002

Book: The Shadow Theives

Author: Anne Ursu

Just got finished reading the first book in the The Cronus Chronicles series by Anne Ursu. One of the reasons I love working at a library is because you are instantly surrounded by free books, the key word being free. You can take as many as you want home and not have to worry about if you can afford them or not. At this moment I have over 30 books checked out and since starting in mid December I have read over that many. Belatedly I remembered that I had thought to do book reviews on the books I read. I would like to go back and do the ones I have read before now but that’s some number of books.

At any event The Shadow Theives by Anne Ursu is a young adult book that I have enjoyed reading. It takes place in an American town, part of London and the Underworld. It’s a story about Charlotte Mielswetski (Meal-wet-ski) and her biracial cousin (at least I think he’s biracial his father is white and his mother is black but Ursu refers to him as black…so don’t know really) london born cousin Zachery Miller. Charlotte seems like a normal teen besides the fact that she has no inclination to improve her bad attitude, trying harder at anything or meeting new people. And her cousin is normal as well besides the unexplained illness all his friends and the kids at his school and summer club have come down with, but he seems okay. So nothing should be thought of when Zachary comes to live with Charlotte and then the kids around her start getting sick. She can’t think about that now she has to take care of the new kitten she just found.

Reading this novel I found myself smiling and laughing at loud often. My favorite part was when we are introduced to Cheron in the passage,

“Everyone knows he has the worst job in the Underworld. He spends his days rowing back and forth along the Styx, listening to the Dead freak out because they’re Dead and they had so much to live for blah, blah, blah, and where in the heck are the pearly Gates anyway?”

There’s adventure, action and a bit of magic. Mrs. Ursu has a unique and fun style of drawing the reader into her story and ultimately her mind. If you are looking for a story that’s guaranteed to make you question everything you know about Greek mythology, or confirmation that some teachers are really weirder than they seem, or that guy down the street named Phil is really at the heart of something nefarious, then by all means pick this one up at your local library.

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