And it’s over!

So yeah I went and I didn’t get nervous until I pulled into the parking lot. There was about a handful of other people there not all of them were taking the GRE. It took me 3.5 hours and so far my score is 1080 out of 1500. I don’t know my writing score since that’s scored separately.

Overall I think the math problems were the really hard part for me. I mean I knew going in that it would be a problem, I just have a problem remembering all those formulas and such. Give me a solve for x equation and there’s no problem. But there were some calculus on there that none of the books mentioned. They all said algebra, geometry and basic math. Calculus is not basic math by no means.

At any rate I’m glad it’s over with. I turned in everything yesterday and so now the only things missing is my last two references. I hope to hear something by next month.

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