NCLA 2009

Well I’m up and awake, we got back around 11 last night. It was a long day, we got there around 11:30 that morning, but we left here around 8:30 am. I got up around a quarter of 6, I was just so excited to get going. I was so excited that I ended up leaving my confirmation, luckily I didn’t need it. We rode down there in mini vans that they had rented. It was only four of us in my van. We had a blast going down there, we talked and laughed and talked some more. We wanted to stop at every cool town we went through.  There’s a Farmville, NC and a Country Doctor Museum, who knew.

When we got there the morning sessions were already happening, so we missed them. Instead we hung out in exhibit room, there was no free books. Everyone was doing raffles, I figured as much. But hey maybe I’ll win something. I ran into Jackie Case, it was great seeing her, and we got to catch up for a little while. I also saw my boss from the public library in Winston-Salem. I made it to one of the afternoon sessions, Gaming as a Service. It was interesting but it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. It was basically a workshop on how to throw a game night at your library. I’ve been to a good number of game nights at libraries and consider myself a somewhat knowledgeable gamer.  So there really wasn’t any new knowledge for me.  I should have went to the one on social networking, I was going to go to that one but I couldn’t find the room and the gaming one was the first room I came to that I was semi-interested in.

Afterwards there was a BBQ at a local public library, a band played some beach music and there was some shagging, drunk librarians, and awesome cookies XD. It was fun, it really was. Librarians do know how to party. I’m so ready for the ALA (American Library Association) conference next summer in Washington DC. We were told it’s way bigger and more intense, so bring it on.

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