Wiki-based bibliographic Collection: Completed

Finished my wiki today! Overall it was an interesting experience. I have never created a wiki of any sort, nor one for a bibliography for this sort of project.

There wasn’t a lot of directions given so we all had to sort of feel away through it. At first I thought it was suppose to be a collection of sources about our topics. But that wasn’t even really close, instead it was a collection of sources about sources that are for libraries creating a collection on our topic.

In case you forgot my topic was: English Language Learning. Here’s the introduction:

In the last few years the unparalleled growth of bilingual/bicultural programs for non English-speaking people have been accompanied by a need for learning materials. This wiki is a collection of materials that suggest and review materials created for English learning language. Because Latinos are the largest growing foreign culture in America most of this sources are aimed at them. I have separated these sources by mediums and in alphabetical order.

Here’s the pdf version of the word version of it.

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