Fun Project: Completed

I did in the end figure out what the fun project was about. It was a project meant for us to have fun with. The goal was to pick a creative way to show how librarians are typed cast in the world.

Well I opted to do a website. Websites are so much fun to create and I hadn’t created one in some time. I opted to go with a free hosting service since it was a class project and I didn’t want to spend money on it (money is tight as a graduated student on a stipend!) However, I didn’t want it to be something were it limited the html I could use and the graphics that could be used as well. So I searched around and came up with Wix.

I chose to look at librarians in children programming. From the early 90’s (and some earlier) to the present. I did live action as well as animations. What I found was that there was generally a theme; glasses, modest clothing, bun, and generally they were females. I think there was all but 3 video clips that had male librarians. I’m not sure I was able to find a clip of a minority, I know they exist especially for more contemporary cartoons.

I really enjoyed making this website, it was a good excuse to watch cartoons.

I just sent her the email today. Here’s the link.

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