Fun Project: Grade

I got an A on my fun project…she was really impressed with my knowledge of cartoons and creating websites. Go me!

I’ve got some serious papers due this month. In Collection Management class I’m working in a group on a Collection Development project. We were matched up because of our interest in doing museum libraries. I think we are going to do a good job, we seem to be working very coherently. We’ve already picked the location of our interviewing library and tomorrow our interview report is due. The final isn’t due until the beginning of December. But I think we all want to have it done before hand.

In Foundations that Action Research paper is due at the end of the month. I decided to work with a partner because it’s so much work. We’re going to do our paper on teen reluctant readers and how that effects their using the library. So far the title is A Study on the Modern Day Teen: In Response to Reading and Library Usage.

We’ve managed to find some good literature, now we’ve just got to go through it all and start writing the paper. Whenever I go to the public library I try to make mental notes on any teens that are there, just to see what they are doing at the library.


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