End of my First Semester in Grad School

Well, I just completed my last class for this semester. Which means I’m a 1/4 of the way to earning my Masters. This is just a weird concept to me right now. So much has gone on this semester that I just don’t know how to process it all. Really I don’t know if I could process it all.

As a wrap up we talked about what we got from the class and we more or less redid the first class. I don’t know if I can honestly say my foundation is solid but it’s not as shifty as I thought it was.

LIS 600- Foundation of Library and Information Studies

What I take from this foundations class is that everything that I might think is black and white is not. I’m reminded about the 2 hour conversation on what a library is. For me I thought it was simple but now I look at it like, the question isn’t what a library is but what a library was and how it changes. But more importantly how it’s going to change in the future. Before a library was a place that housed books (or scrolls before the book was created) and at one point these reading materials were behind lock and key only certain members of society could look at them, let alone read them. Now you go to a library for more than reading materials. But also for computers, classes, community events, and some go for a place to hang out. What about the digital library? If there is one thing Dr. J taught me is that it’s never okay to take anything in the world of information as face value. Granted I knew this somewhat already but even I still got caught up in the thinking, well if a “expert” said it, it must be true.

LIS 615 – Collection Management

Collection management was a class I came in knowing a bit about. Because of my experience in the academic and public library I had time dealing with management of a collection. But there were some things that I did learn, especially on this last project. The group was the best group I’ve had in a long time. But working on a budget for a pretend museum library was interesting and thought-provoking. I had once thought about working at a museum library and now I know that it’s a small library and perhaps it would suit me better than I thought. I don’t know how I could handle not having a larger budget then the one we interviewed, I think it was $32,000, that’s not a lot. Out of all the classes I will remember the most is the one we talked about censorship. It was inspired by the hoopla on the Legion of Extraordinary Gentlemen Graphic Novel, Black Dossier, and being included in most libraries young adult sections. Personally I think there is no problem having it in the adult section, but I don’t think it holds a place in a young adult section unless that section is not in the same as the children’s section. For some libraries they are short on space and only denotes the difference with a sticker on its spine. Censorship is a big deal and personally I would rather not be on that committee, but Dr. B was correct never make decisions like that alone, get a group of people who all have the same and yet different interest so that there is balance.

Next semester I have the rest of my core classes: LIS 620 – Information Sources and Services, LIS 640 – Organizing Library Collections, and LIS 650 Library Administration and Management.


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