Day Three of Winter Break 2009

Wednesday I met with some friends for a celebratory meal. It was great, they’re cool people and we had fun talking about what we felt about our professors. We ended up at a pizza place because the Thai restaurant was close. After that I went to Borders in search of a book to add to my collection, I left with nothing. Yeah you read that right, I left a bookstore empty-handed. And not because I’ve discovered some kind of will power when it comes to books. They just didn’t have any book that I was looking for. And I don’t buy a book from a bookstore that I’ve never previously read and have decided it needs to be in my collection. I use to do that just randomly buy books and then I had boxes upon boxes of books that I either didn’t read or only read once. So now if I want to try a new book/author I check with the local libraries.



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