My Poor Blog

I’ve been so neglecting my blogs, I’ve been so sidetracked with school and trying to figure out what I’m going to do. But I promise to get back in the grove of updating this.



As a recap I’m taking Library Administration and Management, Organizing Library Collections (cataloging), Information Services and Sources (reference). At this point I’m most excited about reference. I love my professor, he’s super awesome. And basically he’s teaching me how to do better research. The nerd in me squeals with joy. Management…well I’m sure it’ll come in handy one day…the professor is great so far. The readings are horribly boring though. Cataloging…well let’s just say I have a hard time seeing myself as a cataloger right now.

In Reference we have a major project, a bibliography project to be exact, it’s supposed to take up the whole term. Basically we find a topic that interests us and create a bibliography for a imaginary patron who has the same level of interest in the topic as you and they are doing heavy duty research. I’ve chosen to do the Fae; Mythical Creatures. I’ll probably start doing some preliminary research this weekend.


We were originally suppose to start our internships as part of the fellowship back in October but that never happened. So I didn’t actually start my internship until a couple of weeks a go. They placed me at my preferred library, Hege Library at Guilford College. I really like this library, from the outside of course because I’ve only met with my director once so I don’t know all the inner details yet. But it’s a library and an art gallery, two of my loves in one building how great is that. The Library Director is my supervisor and she’s young and just started in August. The plan is for me to visit as many departments as I can. As well as going to meetings, and doing projects for the departments. It’s all aimed at giving me experience in different areas.


I have to start looking for a part time job.  I’ve heard pros and cons of working as a para-professional while getting my degree.

I think that’s really it for now. Laters!


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