Diversity Research Grant

Today I got an email about the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Diversity and the Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee were seeking proposals for the Diversity Research Grant program. I decided that I wanted to submit a proposal to continue the research I started last semester in foundations. Instead of just looking at the literature I wanted to actually do some observation and surveying some subjects.

I ran the idea by my partner and she wanted to help as well. So I sent an email to Dr. J because she’s one of the main professors who advocate students getting published and such. She was all for it and willing to help and guide us is this process.

Our topic would be under Information Services and Collections for Diverse Children and Young Adults. We are titling it, A Study of the Contemporary Teen Reader: In Response to Reading and Library Usage.

The proposal is due April 30th. Which is when a lot of other things are due. Wish me luck.

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