Administrative Support Assistant

Monday I started my new part time job. I went in it thinking its like my old job at the public library in Winston-Salem, just by another title. Well, titles do make a difference. While a lot of the duties are the same there’s more responsibility. Administrative Support is not the same things as being a Page. But then again I’m not sure its like that for every Greensboro library.

So for this library we don’t have a circulation desk. It’s all self checkout…but we do have to do this proactive customer service. There’s this little cafe table with a chair that I sit at in the middle of the library and I have a laptop. And it kind of serves as a reference “desk” and information center.  And the shelves are sooooo beautiful and in order, I mean really. The books are straighten and edged and the shelves aren’t overcrowded…I love it. Now this might not stay this way for ever, it was just recently remodeled and opened up in January. So it’s still kind of new but I can dream that it’ll stay that way.



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