Library Administrator and Organization Ideal Vision

Yesterday assignment 2 for my LIS 650 class was due. In it we had to create an ideal organization for us to be the director of. My Ideal Vision was based heavily on my interview and the readings. Specifically Raving Fans and Creating a Customer Driven Library. Here’s the conclusion:

I’ve gained a lot of insight from the readings on management skills and what makes an excellent manager. I’ve learned even more about what it means to be a library manager. A library is like any other company and how you deal with its internal and external customers are no different than from a fortune 500 company. While I’m still not sure if I could handle some of the more toxic managers and coworkers, I am more confident I know more about what makes them so toxic to the bottom line of a company. I now know how important it is to do strategic planning and needs assessment, that the customer isn’t always right and it’s okay to, if done politely, to encourage them to go somewhere else if their expectations are to grand. The readings where all influential in their own ways, but Raving Fans and A Customer Driven Library both spoke to me on a different level the rest. I feel like it’s a personal mission of a librarian to create raving fans of libraries and that the future of the libraries are going towards user or service centered organizations and perhaps there’s more to the bookstore model than we give it credit.


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