Internship: Tech Services and Archives

Today in my internship I started the day with a mini project to help my director. I’m calling it the Textbook Search Project; I had to collect the prices and titles of textbooks for 100-200 level general courses. They are thinking about added the service to Access Service department where you can check out for in building use only, the textbook assigned by your professor. She’s only looking at the general lower level courses because they tend to have more sections and students taking them and they don’t usually change textbooks every class. So I only started it I couldn’t finish it but I got pretty far on it.

After lunch I met with the head librarian down in Technical Services. Again I got an over view and a small tour of the department. She also talked about her career path and what got her to this point. She’s actually a graduate of UNCG, a fellow alumni ^_^. She told me that it was about a year before she got her first professional job as a librarian from the time she graduated. That kind of has me worried but there’s no reason to start worrying about that now. At any rate I asked her some questions, the most important one being how much cataloging she does in her day to day job. Yes Cataloging is still kicking my butt, lol. After we talked I did another mini project for her. It involved looking at a list of databases and checking to see if the library had access to them in print or online.

After my time in Tech Services I went upstairs to meet with the Archivist Librarian, who by luck will be my professor come this fall. She gave me a tour of the libraries special collection and their Society of Friend’s Historical Collection which focuses on just historical documents related to Quaker History. They have wonderful items, not just books but actual artifacts, clothing, hats, furniture, you name it and it’s probably up in there.


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