Internship: Working on the Catalog

My internship started off with finishing the Textbook Search Project. It didn’t take long because I had made great progress the last time. So I was able to finish that one project and send it to my director.

And then I started a second project that is the precursor to a major project I will be starting this summer. It includes working with special collectable books. I’m really excited. The project I did today involved me going through the catalog and looking for certain books that were published by the Limited Edition Club, I had to pull some of these books that hadn’t been pulled yet from the shelves. And then I created a list of every book that was published from this company and send it to the Archivist Librarian.

After lunch my director invited me to attend a webinar with her. From working with her on the interview and the needs assessment I have learned that many people do not like their online catalog. After doing that mini project I can see their grief with it. Before lunch she had me look up some libraries who were using two different catalog software and wanted me to compare and contrast them and tell her what I liked and what I didn’t like. The webinar was on Worldcat Local, which is a service UNCG uses. I looked at both Sirsi’s E-library and Enterprise and I have to say I still like Worldcat Local better. Sirsi’s products were good and they most definitely better than what they have, but neither one has a way for the user to search for the book worldwide and integrate the ILL function to get those books. For anyone doing major research on broad or very narrow subjects that’s essential.


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