Keeper of History

Last night as I sat in bed willing myself to go to sleep my mind had other plans. I had recently finished working on my last paper for Management and it caused me to think not only about my future but also my leadership philosophy. I found that I had the same problem that I had last semester when it came to putting words to my professional values. It seems to me that values and personal philosophies are abstract things and putting words to them are sometimes impossible, that doesn’t mean you don’t have values or a philosophy that guides your life but that you haven’t found the words to express it to others.

That aside this grand epiphany wasn’t what kept me up, no what kept me up is that I felt as if I had pigeon holed my future in the paper. The last part of the paper was to give a 15 year plan and I said my ultimate goal in my career is to be the Director of a museum library or even a Head Archivist at an academic library. But I don’t just want to be an archivist, I think that label isn’t the right label for me.

My passion for history is deep felt, I believe that history is not 2D, it’s not just a story of the past. It’s 3D, it’s the story of the past, the present and the future. It’s the ultimate mystery story, where no matter how many clues you put together you will never figure out the end. History is never the same always changing, a new artifact is found, a new fact is stated, a new story is begun.

Last semester, in foundations, was the first time I heard librarians connected to the term Information Gateways, and after this semester, really after this paper my understanding of this connection has deepened. As a student of history, and perhaps an archivist I want to be that gateway to history.

I have many interests; history, computers, art, etc and in my life I always want to be learning, discovering, and more importantly experiencing.


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