Internship: Processing Donations!

Got to sit in on a staff meeting at my internship. While it was a bit informal and short because everyone was slightly still frazzled due to the end of the semester it was still interesting to sit in and listen on each department share what was going on in their world.

Afterwards I started on one of the first major projects I’ve done for them. Their theatre department was moving due to some renovations happening in their building. They decided to donate their entire departmental library to the Hege Library. It was my job to unpack the books, load them on the shelves, count them and start processing them. There was a total of nine large boxes packed full of plays, books, and even a/v materials. In total almost 1,000 items were donated. The coolest thing I found were among the a/v materials, there were some vinyl records dated from the early 1900’s. One was even autograph by the people who were singing on it. It was a great piece of history.

While I did get a bit sidetracked by some of the awesome old books I managed to get them all unpacked, shelved and counted. Next week I get to attend an actually workshop and learn a new program that will help with the weeding project I’m going to be doing this summer. And I’ll probably finish up the processing.


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