New ACE Scholar Blog

During the orientation we all set up a blog for the group to chronicle our experience as the first cohort of ACE Scholars. Because I was one of the few who have done some serious blogging I volunteered to be the administrator of the group’s blog. Which can be found here.

So far I’ve been setting up the blog so everyone can start posting. A lot of the behind the scenes kind of things, like sending out email invites to each scholar can be an author on the blog. Creating categories for each scholar and setting up the settings. I created a page for each scholar so that they can post a short bio. Then there’s the “making it look pretty” things. Created a custom header that mirrors the ACE Scholar’s logo, as well as a userpic that does the same thing. Changing the theme’s color scheme to match the logo.

There has been a little issues crop up like being able to post podcasts, I hadn’t had a reason to post an audio clip yet. Although I had plan on doing that soon for a project I was working on. Since you have to pay extra for the wordpress upgrade I hadn’t looked into it that much for this blog, however I have to find an external site that we can use. Another feature I have to look into is the Flickr widget one, we set up an gmail email for the blog but Flickr is yahoo exclusive.

The plans are to have everything set up to go before we head to ALA. Since we all have to post a certain number of posts and pictures as part of the trip.


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