ALA Working Itinerary

As I mentioned yesterday theses last few days I’ve been going through the many flyers and emails I’ve been getting from companies clamoring for my attention. I’ve been using the online event planner offered by ALA as well as the I-phone version when I’m sitting around but not near my computer.

Everyone has been saying how big this conference is going to be. And from the sessions and programs being offered it seems that it might be a little overwhelming. But I’m going to have to accept that I’ll have a fun-filled information packed four days at the conference. While I’m not nearly finished with creating a final itinerary (that probably won’t happen until I get there). I have been able to pin down some sessions I would like to attend.

Friday 6/25

8pm-10pm: Comic World: Graphic Novels Come of Age

I’ve been getting into Graphic novels in the last couple of years. My father was an avid comic collector. He allowed me to read some of them when I was little. But since I’ve been doing this research for the research grant and my previous paper from LIS 600 Graphic Novels have been popping up on my radar lately.

Saturday 6/26

8am-10am: FYI: First Year Impressions (and Confessions)

This is kind of like a no brainer. I’m really interested in seeing what these librarians have to say. While I know every person has a different experience I’ll still like to hear some of their tips and experiences.

10:30 am -12 noon: Ex Libris Rosetta: Goodbye Digital Preservation, Hello Permanent Access (Will have to leave the previous session early.)

I kind of envision a career in digital preservation, in fact I hope the individual study will allow me to do some work in digital preservation (side note I will be working with Guilford College for the independent study). So I figure this session would be very educational.

2pm- 5pm: Poster Session at the Diversity Fair

I have to go to this session I’m presenting ^_^.  We haven’t gotten our booth assignment yet, I hope we will get it soon.

Sunday 6/27

8am-12 noon: Digitization: Preserving and Open Access to African American Collections

Another personal interest and professional interest.

6:30pm -9:30pm: APALA 30th Anniversary Celebration

Our department chair invited the Scholars to this event.

Monday 6/28

10:30-11:30 am: Graphic Novel Panel

Another personal interest session.

1:30pm-3:30pm: Ultimate Debate: Open Source Software, Feer Beer or Free Puppy?

This is more of a professional interest, open source software is starting to grow in popularity in recent years. I’ve used some open source software and I personally think they are pretty good and needed.

4-5:30pm: Who’s driving the technology/ bandwagon – the users or the librarians?

What a great question.


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