ALA Conference Day One

On the way to my gate in the Detroit Airport.

My flight for Washington DC left at 6am in the morning, I was groggy and a little bit agitated having only gotten less than an hour of sleep the previous day. It was my second time flying and I was a little unsure of how to procede but somehow I managed to get from my home here to the hotel in Washington in one piece. Even with a layover in Detroit, MI and doing it all by myself.

So many fluffy pillows

I wish I had some pictures of the ride to the hotel but atlas I wasn’t able to get to my camera out in time. We stayed in one of the hotels that were considered inside of the conference block. It was within walking distance on a good day and only a few minutes on the shuttle.

Unfortunately because of some miscommunication we missed the registration period for Friday and thus I was unable to go to the session I had planned to attend. Instead we opted to walk around the surrounding block that day in search for food.

A little girl playing with the light installation

A lot of concrete but they infused trees up and down the sidewalk


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