ALA Conference Day Three

Sunday was another early day we started in the convention center once again and decided to walk the exhibit floor looking at the vendors because we had yet to do so. I’ll get to that later. First I want to talk about the convention center…this place was super big and everywhere you looked there was great artwork showcase. In fact Washington, DC was pretty much the same, everywhere we went there was great architecture and artwork displayed proudly.

Installation right inside the convention center

But back to the exhibit hall, it was huge and filled with great vendors ready to talk about their even better products. I was able to attend some demonstrations about new products coming out that I would love to see implemented in a library I might work in one day. I also got a good number of books signed by wonderful authors. One I was extremely excited to meet for I had read his previous book series, Tony DiTerlizzi.

Such great architectural detail underground!

Sunday night we went to a dinner sponsored by APAL-A at an authentic Chinese Restaurant. There was a professional singer who gave two great renditions of Bollywood hits. The food kept coming and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. After the dinner a group of us decided to ride the Metro back to the hotel. It was great fun as it was my first time on the metro.


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