ALA Conference Day Five

Tuesday was all about packing and heading back home. I must say that I’m a very big homebody  but I do love to travel and see new places. However I was glad to touch down in the Greensboro Airport Tuesday afternoon. This time my layover was in Atlanta and I was fortunate to be traveling with two other ACE Scholars instead of by myself.

When I got home I set about taking out all the goodies that I was able to get while walking the exhibit floor. Because my friend drove up to Washington I was able to send most of it with her in her trunk.

Here are a few shots of the books that I received.

Wait there’s more:

Now the question is how am I going to fit these on my lonely bookshelf. I do believe that’s a good enough excuse to get another one.

I also got some great bags as well, here are my favorite ones.

Over all I had a great time and it was great to have time to hang and conversate with other Scholars and Librarians. I will be sending out emails perhaps tomorrow to all the great contacts I was able to make.


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