LIS 636

This summer I’m taking a course in web production and usability. We have two major projects due in the class. One is a website for our capstone portfolio. This past week we had to set up a mock site for our capstone. We had certain things we had to included and we had to work in one software program, Sea Monkey Composer. This was the first time for me to work with this free software and I have to say I was not impressed. I know being free limits some things but it felt bulky and cumbersome. And it was rather hard to get the tables and images to set up and do what I wanted them to. So I guess it would take time for me to really like it but for now I’ll stick with photoshop. You can view my mock site at

The second project is our final which is to create a website about anything we wanted. I originally chose myself but than I opted to step out of my comfort zone and do it on a topic. I decided to go with “A Girl’s Guide to Graphic Novel and such…” it’s basically a site about graphic novels, comics, and manga’s aimed at girls. I’ve seen this type of thing done a number of times in other classes but for some reason it’s usually a male student and their lists and sources are aimed at males. Girls read graphic novels and there are a ton out there for them. Not to mention the ones aimed at boys are being read by girls as well.  We had to do a storyboard to turn in. Well I kind of made the layout of the website up in my head. I don’t really have any inspiration behind it. So I just submitted two rough draft layouts. Have a look.

This is what the homepage would basically look like. I’m not happy with the navigation buttons, and I think something is missing on the left hand side I think.

A subpage, I think the middle block will be scrollable. So far I’m liking it but so much more can be done to it.


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