Changes to My World

Sorry I haven’t been really writing lately. I got so swamped with some personal things that I couldn’t find the energy to think of a post.

Because of the need to save money and give myself some freedom I’ve decided to move back in with my mom and brother. At first I wasn’t to happy with it. But it’s really for the best. The stipend the scholarship is suppose to give to me is more than enough but it’s not fully realiable at this time. And there’s to much that is unknown about the set that I would rather not be caught unaware. I would prefer to have the freedom not to work while I’m in school if I can manage it. So I’m taking over the extra room in my mom’s townhome.

I’ve been packing and setting things up and trying to wrap up things before leaving. Yesterday I finished the last hours of my internship and will do a post about that experience later. For now I’ll leave you with a picture of my lovely neighborhood.


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