Book Review 003

Book: Amulet: The Stonekeeper

Author: Kazu Kibuishi

Summary: In the first installment of the Amulet’s series we have Book One, the Stonekeeper. I picked this graphic novel up on a whim at my local Ed McKay’s. I liked the artwork on the cover and the short except on the back had me intrigued.

The basis of the first book introduces the main characters Emily and Navin. After the death of their father their mother elects to pack up and move the family to

her ancestral home. But as they say, things aren’t always what they seem. After finding a strange necklace hidden in the library, Emily and Navin wake to find that their mother is kidnapped and there’s a mysterious door in the basement leading to an even more mysterious world. Is it a dream or reality? Will they be able to save their mom before it’s to late? And why is that amulet glowing?

My Thoughts: For a book I picked up on a whim instant love. The artwork is to die for, Mr Kibuishi is a talented artist and great story writer. From page one he draws you in and makes you want to know if the heroine and hero survive. What’s best is he gives you a conclusion to a mystery while leaving you with more questions to a new mystery. After reading Book One I couldn’t wait long enough for Book Two to come out.

More artwork to entice you!


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