Archival Management and Digital Libraries

Archive boxes in the archive of the Netherland...

Image via Wikipedia

I just got done participating in an Elluminate Live! session for my Digital Libraries course. Which official brings my week to an end. I now have the information I need from all of my classes to start planing my semester. I won’t be lost for something to do this semester that’s for sure.

What’s interesting is that both my archival and digital library courses have a similar project due. However the things I will learn from them are completely different. In short by the end of the semester I will have created a collection that is in an archival status and digitalized.

I’m really excited about this semester course work. Especially archives, I’m really looking forward to learning what archives is about. While I’ve worked on special projects in my college’s Special Collection and Archives department, it’s not the same. I’m ready to learn about the jargon and the technology.

Digital Libraries seems like it’s going to be a great chance to work on my collection development skills. While the independent study will be a great excuse to learn more about other cultures and possibly get a publishable paper out of it. Sweet!

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