Crafting my Personal Style

Most of my friends know that I’ve struggled with understanding what goes for professional wear in today’s world and how I can fit into that mold. To be honest I’ve not been doing so well that. As a result my personal style is suffering.

So among other things I’m on a mission to find a Personal Professional Style that shows my personality to peers and supervisors. That’s just one of things I know if someone can’t appreciate me for me and who I represent than I can’t work with them. I’m not a button up shirt, suit skit with matching jacket.

I like color and t-shirts that have funny sayings. While I might have to give up those funny little t-shirts, excerpt on weekends I don’t want to give up my personality.

There’s a reason why I’m not in the corporate business world. But the dilemma I am facing seems to be a running theme in not just in the librarian field as I’ve had discussions in my foundations class but also in the Archivist world, which I’ve learned from the past readings.

How one’s dress seems to still hold water when it comes to how people perceive you. I want people to see my fun-loving, funny self and yet sense the sophistication that lies underneath.

One thought on “Crafting my Personal Style

  1. I’m not sure what you do for a living but I’m definitely going to recommend the boyfriend blazer. I have them posted on my blog right now, so check it out!
    I’m a student working part time at an office so compared to the full time employees I’m very casual. But once I throw on the boyfriend blazer I manage to look professional.
    The boyfriend blazer doesn’t need to be worn with button up shirts, you can even just throw it over your favourite t-shirts! 🙂
    Hope this helps a bit, good luck!

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