The Semester is in Full Force

This past week I submitted the first two papers of the semester to their respective professors.

The first being for my Archival Management course, it was paper comparing and contrasting two articles we had to read. T.R. Schellenberg, “The Appraisal of Modern Public Records,” in MAR, 57-­‐70 vs. Hilary Jenkinson, “Reflections of an Archivist,” MAR,15-­‐21. At first I’ll be honest I was not sure how we were suppose to be comparing these articles, the firs time I read through them I thought were comparing what came down to apples and oranges. But I read through again and it started to sink in what they were saying. Just had to cut through the noise sort of speak.

Schellenberg versus Jenkinson

The second one was turned to my Digital Library wiki. We had to evaluate a Digital Library in use now. I chose Perseus digital library operated out of Tufts University. Overall it’s a great project and thy started in a field I love, Classical Studies. But I think they are all over the place. I had to do a lot of sleuthing to find the information I needed to do a decent evaluation.

Perseus Digital Library Evaluation

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