Site Visits

Guilford College Historic District, Greensboro

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These last few weeks I’ve been lucky enough to visit three different local archival depositories. The first one we visit was the site of our professor Gwen Erickson at Guilford College. Even though I had done my internship there and was convinced that I had already known what she was going to show us, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I still enjoyed being in that space and looking at all the artifacts and documents.

Next we visited the Greensboro Historical Museum. I’ve wanted to visit that museum since I learned about it but never got the chance. It’s such a wonderfully designed place and the exhibits are breathtaking. Their preservation/conservation set up was interesting and they really seem to love their job.

The last one we visited was Jackson Library’s Archives and Special Collections. I had working in the Archives over five years ago when I helped the then University Archivists on a major project that surrounded the women of UNCG. That was a fun and interesting project and really was the first time I thought about working in archives.

It was interesting to see three different types of depositories: university, religious, and museum. While there were many difference they overall still faced the same issues, namely not enough money, not enough staff, and not enough space. It makes me think about how the things I’ve read and learning about in my digital libraries course plays a role. Especially this weeks readings, digitization is not preservation. And makes me wonder is new technology really solving problems are creating more?


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