ACE Scholars Final Gathering


Going over the agenda for the day.


Friday I attended the third and final (official at least) gathering for the ACE Scholars. Throughout the two years we’ve had an official gathering every semester to get a chance to meet and well, catch up. As I sat in the meeting room next to my fellow scholars and those who help make such a thing possible I was reminded of the first time I sat in that room with these  people back that sweltering hot August day. I had no idea what to expect, one or two faces were familiar but the rest were strangers sharing the same apprehensively excited faces that I’m sure I was wearing.

I’m just amazed at how we’ve all created a community within ourselves that will last well into our professional careers. Not only that but we’ve all set the bar high for the upcoming cohort. Just sitting there listening to everyone’s accomplishments and going ons is so inspiring that I know these people will go far in their lives.

We started off with a guest speaker, LIS professor Anthony Chow who I was lucky to have in two classes, Library Management and Administration and Web Productivity and usability, he’s such a fun and inspiring man and I enjoyed his impromptu speech titled , “Putting the U in You.”  His message was basically to do what you want to do in life and not because it’s expected. His most memorable point was that he didn’t believe in becoming a leader to fulfill some imaginary Asians in leadership position quota, if it wasn’t in him to be in that kind of place he didn’t want to be it. Not everyone is born to be in a leadership position and to occupy that position when it’s not meant to be you is leaving the YOU out of the equation of who you are. He also proclaimed that he was a Geek and proud of it. Well sir, I’m a Geek and I too am proud of it. Geeks of the world unite!

We then had three presentations from ACE Scholars, they were great presentations documenting their experiences in the program and how much they’ve grown and excelled because of it. I thought it was rather interesting that each presentation ended with the scholars talking about the support network the scholars have within ourselves.

We ended the meeting with a brainstorming session about things we could still do before May 6th and things that could/need/and should be change for the next cohort. I’m really excited about the prospect of a conferencing hosted by us scholars for the LIS department. One of the main issues we saw was that many of our fellow MLIS classmates didn’t know what all the ACE Scholars were and what we’ve done.

Learn more about the scholarship here and where to apply.

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