Dreamweaver Why Must You Hate Me?

As some of you may remember I was in a summer course this past summer that involved Web Productions. Our last project was to create a webpage on a topic of our choosing, well through all the mess with the summer issues I wasn’t able to finish the final. Also since I’ve recently been getting to graphic novels and was having a hard time finding suggestion list for girls and women like me I thought it would be a perfect thing to kind of jump-start a personal project. If you don’t remember this course take a look here for a refresher and to see the first initiations of possible site ideas.

At any rate I’ve been steadily working along on this project but I keep hitting snags. I’ve done websites via dreamweaver before, granted that was nearly five years ago and there might have been a couple (okay a few) upgrades since then. And since then I’ve been learning and working with HTML. So what’s the problem? Well here are some snapshots of what I’ve done so far since the last post…

(Click for larger picture)

It’s coming along don’t you think? Well at first the template was not acting right and I was following the instructions and it just wasn’t working. So after a meeting with my professor via Skype (gotta love that share screen option). We figured that out. Then I started moving right along and hit another snag. I’ve pushed my images to the server, and amazingly they show up. However when I make an update and push them again they don’t update entirely. And what’s more puzzling every time I save and update the index page it doesn’t save in the place I tell it to. For instance I say save in the folder named Final inside of the folder named LIS Capstone. It saves it outside of the Final Folder inside of the LIS Capstone folder.

So then when I go to check for errors inside of Dreamweaver using Firefox of Safari (I’m on a Mac by the by.) Everything works fine, the links work and the images work. When I go to the live version on the server the links don’t work on the index page, and then when I type in a specific page the links work but the Home links to a different index page. It’s all sorts of confusing.

I do believe I’ve screwed up somewhere but I’m not sure where and it’s hard to try to trouble shoot it. I would just start all over but I don’t want to make the same mistakes. Hopefully I can get through this snag in the next week or so. Any tips would be appreciated!

But right now I’m going to go do some metadata scheming. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Dreamweaver Why Must You Hate Me?

    • Wow that is strange…although for a while I wasn’t showing up on goggle at all…not even when I typed in the exact title and everything. I guess they’re trying to make up for that.

      Well I hope you find what you are looking for!

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