Book Review 006

Book: Amulet: The Cloud Searchers

Author: Kazu Kibuishi

Summary: First I must note that I received an advance copy of Book Three of this series will attending the 2010 ALA Conference, you can see it in the first picture of this post. Because it was an advance copy it was uncorrected and some of the pages were in black and white instead of the brilliant color that I love about this series. But that didn’t matter to me as I was so waiting to read it that I kind of squealed at the prospect of being one of the first people to read it in its entirety.

But I digress, I purposely waited till after the book was out in stores so I wouldn’t be giving away to many spoilers. Book three starts off with Prince Trellis disobeying his father and ultimately consigning his fate to a wanted criminal to be executed on sight. We also meet what is essentially a mercenary named Gabilan, and there is some foreshadowing that our hired killer has more aspirations than his day job would entail. We then switch over to Emily and Navin with their crew as they prepare for their search for the lost city of Cielis and hopefully get the help they need from the Guardian Council.

In a surprising twist Prince Trellis joins the unlikely heroes on their search for the lost city and helps them avoid disaster and capture. After which Trellis and Emily formally agree to a truce, for now.

We are treated to more background stories, great foreshadowing and Emily’s fight against the power of the stone. We also see our gang split up and left wondering if two of our beloved characters are done for. And my favorite part they’re riding in an airship for most of the book, a bit of steam punkery for the younger crowd?!

My Thoughts: As always I have to gush about the artwork, because really that’s what it’s all about. The scenic vistas, the detailing mechanics, the facial expressions. It’s why people are getting back into graphic novels and comics, because the artistry is something you don’t see everyday. The third book has a lot of foreshadowing, pretty much the book is nothing but foreshadowing. And that could be a problem as it’s not a standalone book, the series is dependent upon one another as most graphic novels are. But at the same time Kibuishi is leaving you with questions he’s also giving you some answers and hints that keep you thinking about the storyline and wondering what’s going to happen next.

And to switch it up a bit I’m going to leave you with a desktop wallpaper image instead of artwork from the book. You can get this wallpaper and more here.

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