A Whole Bucket of Back Log

Do you know that time of year where it seems like you just have so much to do and you’ll never get it done? And you curse yourself for taking on so much, and promise yourself next year it won’t be like that? Then yourself responds with, “But that’s what you said last year!”

Yeah that’s me, every year if never fails around this time right after Halloween I get swamped and I think but I was on top of things just last week. My how things can change in a span of eight hours (or so it seems). I’m just so far behind on things and I know I’ll get through it all I just don’t know how.

So this isn’t going to be a thought provoking post…I doubt any of them are but at least I’m posting. So this past week I met with the Dean at Wake Forest’s main library, Wanda Brown. To discuss doing a practicum there next semester. She’s all for it, yay! So she sent my information to the Reference department, which they call Research, Instruction, and Technology. So I hope I’ll be doing all three of those things. I really thought I wanted to do it in special collections but they already have another ACE Scholar in there and after talking with Mrs. Brown I kind of had a change of mind. So I’m super excited about it and can’t wait to get started. Next week I’ll be meeting with the heads of R.I.T. to actually nail down the specifics and have them actually sign off on it. Which is great because this is something separate from the ACE Scholars, something I set up myself, showing I have some initiative! Go me! I managed to snap a few pictures of the library and campus while I was there, I’ll add them to the end of this post.

This year since I was with my mom who isn’t a big Halloween fan there was no decorating here at the White casa, but my neighbors got into the spirit. Here are some pictures of their set up.



Well I’d better get back to working on that bucket of back log. Night!



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