Day Two of 2010 Winter Break

Beckwith James Carroll Lost in Thought

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This morning as I sat in bed I thought about how much my body is still in ‘get ‘er done’ mode. It was 10:30 and I was on the road to berating myself for sleeping in. But I stop mid-bashing and realized that I was break. I had time to do everything I had slated to do and a few hours of sleep would do me good. It’s this thinking that makes me understand why I love this time of year. It’s the only time people don’t question taking time off to relax. Throughout the year everyone rushes about trying to meet all sorts of deadlines, only to create a new deadline for some obscure event.

Once I did get up and get my day going I found myself in a better mind frame. While I had realized that I needed to crank out some last-minute school work, I just didn’t instead of freaking out. I was able to concentrate and make it work. Something I hadn’t been able to do in a while because I was so stressed out about deadlines. Which got me to thinking about how much I’ve changed in my thinking about grades. When I was undergraduate I obsessed over grades and wouldn’t enjoy my winter break until my professors had posted my grades. My first semester in Graduate school I saw myself doing the same thing, but come second grade I was more worried about making sure I learned skills that would carry me into the future then what grade I got on a paper. But as my advisor told me “There’s no question on whether or not you are going to pass, you’re smart enough that I’m not worried about that. It’s a matter of what are you taking from each course.” And I think I’ve really taken that to heart. I’m positive I’ve done well this semester but I think I’ve taken some well needed skills away.

As day two comes to an end I reflect over this new understanding I have in my life and while I’ve only managed to technically check off two things on my long to do list. I’ve accomplished a lot today and that’s all that matters to me.


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