Baby Blankets Galore

The last couple of days I’ve been hard at work trying to finish up some baby blankets. A couple of years back my cousin became the father of the first grandchild on my mom’s side. Since I had very little money I decided to make a baby blanket to give to them. They were young and also didn’t have a lot of money. Well some how that became a family tradition and now I’ve been drafted to make four more baby blankets. One for the same cousin who is having another baby (by a different mom so I didn’t want to leave her out), his older brother, my other cousin (who had the first baby boy) and one of my mom’s adopted daughters (she has two that work with her that apparently were adopted into the family without my say so…but it’s cool because I’m still the youngest baby girl :D).

I wanted to have them done by Friday and I’ve still got one more to do. They’re nothing fancy but they are the softest and fluffiest thing ever! And it’s made with love so that’s really all that matters.

So what has you bogged down as we go into the final countdown before Christmas? Anyone else still working on last minute shopping or gift making?

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