Practicum Day Three: Zotero

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As usual my day started with serving my time on the Reference desk. Again it was a slow morning, so I was able to play around on the catalog and compare their website to that of our own libraries. I had notice that they were using Cloud computing technology (if you watch tv you might now it as the commercials that end with some variation of “…to the cloud.) After lunch I came back to the desk because the student never came in for their hours, so I volunteered. It was much more busy during the afternoon hours. After getting off the desk I observed another LIB100 course. I ended the day with a professional development class that I was invited to join. The class was on the Zotero software.

It’s getting easier and easier to be on the reference desk but then again I haven’t had to deal with a stressed out student who is having trouble finding sources for their paper which is due tomorrow morning. Secretly I’m looking forward to that. Every time I observe a course being taught I’m in slight awe because I still don’t think I will ever be capable of creating a lesson plan for a class let a lone a full blown course. Want me to give you a tour of the library? Sure I can do that. What me to tell you where a book would be located? No problem. Want me to teach you how to use a database? Err…Oh look at the time…I think my phone is ringing…so anyway great class.

I ended the day with one of the best male librarian I’ve met so far. He’s awesome and he knows how to teach a class. I’d heard about Zotero at my internship but I wasn’t able to actually learn what it was. Now that I know what it is I’m in love. It’s such a simple tool and that’s why I liked it. At first I thought it was just another way to get students away from learning how to do citations. (Which had me thinking why am I do a APA citation guide?!) But then the class showed me what all could be done with the Zotero and in truth is more about allowing you to have more time to spend researching and not worrying about keeping all of your sources straight. Best of all it’s an open source software, great price point especially for all those tight library budgets.

In case anyone is interested

And as predicted there was no cake…sigh.


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