On Being Unique

Remember back in September I was musing on how I was attempting to find my personal style that worked in the workforce. Well I think I’m on a good path to figuring out how I can mesh it all together. However I think I’m at a crossroads, is being too unique a bad thing?

Everyone knows the job market all over the place is tough, and the library field has been hit hard. I’ve started filling out job applications, so I know how hard it is to find entry-level jobs. Of course being the librarian in training that I am, I’m reading various articles for helping job seekers. One of the trends I’m seeing is finding ways to stand out of the crowd. At this stage in my of education career there’s not much else I can do to stand out on my resume. I should amend that to say there’s not much that I have thought of and figured out how to cram it in before May.

But in preparation for the interviews I hope to be having soon I wonder how much uniqueness in appearance plays into things. I’ve had the discussion with my fellow scholars about how when I was growing up I didn’t see librarians who looked liked me so it never occurred to me that I could be one too. As I’ve worked in various libraries I’m still noticing that gap, if you will. Right now my path is heading towards academic libraries and I know that there is a certain perception that academia has. My question is there a such thing as being too unique when job seeking?

I’m by no means saying I’m über unique but I think I am kind of special. I don’t want to be something I am not but I don’t want to be seen as someone who can’t play nice with others.


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