I Gave In!

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Notice anything different on the side bar?

Mmmhmm I joined twitter this week. Why? Well I fought it, in all honestly I gave it a good fight but twitter doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. And well to be honest it’s gaining a lot of grounds in the library world. So after reading several articles for and against I decided it was time to join. I remember when Myspace was being hyped as the wave of the future in advertisement. I honestly don’t know a person who keeps up with their myspace page and hasn’t already deleted it. Granted there are still people going strong. I think it’s had it’s five minutes of fame. With all the horror stories of people being taken advantage and having their live almost ruined. I don’t think Myspace can ever recover.

Facebook…it’s on it’s way out too. It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the privacy policy updates. Not to mention how it’s moving away from its original premise and becoming more of a way for more spam to wrestle its way into your life. Now a days most of my notifications are 90% game/application notification. I have to spend just about time scrolling looking for my friends real status updates. I actually missed one of my friends announcing that his wife had gone into labor. And I’m also noticing that people are actually using twitter to update their Facebook statuses.

I weighed my options and gave in. I signed up, although I was sadden to find that the usernames I wanted were taken. I wanted something that people would know it was me, yet was short and simple to remember. My first name, Jacquelyn (I love how WordPress is telling me my name is spelled wrong -_-), doesn’t really lend it’s self to uniqueness or shortness. And don’t get me started on my last name. Even going with jpwhite, taken. jwhite, taken. I settled on iJacq85. It makes me smile and chuckle at the same time. Perfect.

I’m sure you seen this everywhere but:   Follow iJacq85 on Twitter

FYI: This post marks my 100th post! I feel like I should do something celebrate this…I know I’ll got eat pie and read a book! #yepimsuchanerd

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