Public Library Design and Technology

O'Fallon Public Library

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You know what I realized? I realized I never shared what my independent study for the semester was. In fact other than the Practicum posts I haven’t actually mention anything about my last semester of classes…how rude of me. So as far as the final classes go, I have the practicum which actually has a new part added to it just for my class. Where some of the students who in the program are doing practicums this semester are in the same course. We’ve created a special blogging website were we can all blog about our experience. At first I was like…why? Now I’m like this is the best idea ever! It really helps to see how others are going about their practicum.

I’m also taking a course on Academic libraries. It’s called…Academic Libraries. I know deep right? So far we’ve written a paper on current trends and I’ve picked three topics that I’m tossing around for my term paper. (Which I really need to get cracking on.) The Google Effect, Communication, and the changing roles of the Librarian, I really want to meld them all together because I think they are highly related but I might be in danger of biting off more than I can chew. I’ll write about the current trend paper in another post.

My independent study course is the major course this semester (outside of the practicum). It’s very involved and intense and I’m loving every moment of the research and the prospects of going out and collecting data. It’s called Public Library Design and Technology. Here’s how I explained it when I was applying to do another independent study:

In the course of my studies in the Library and Information Studies program I have garnered interested in looking at how much design and technology play a role in the usability of the present-day library. I have taken opportunities in other courses to do small-scale research on usability in libraries. I think doing an independent study that looks at usability in the aspect of design and technology in today’s library is a great tie in and gateway that will allow me to do more in depth research on the topic of library usability. I’m curious as to how much design and technology plays a role in a user’s experience in the library. I think this will be a great opportunity for me to show how much libraries and information centers are growing in their roles in the community and design and technology can help in that role.

In the end what I hope to achieve is a presentable paper for ALA. I’ve got the go ahead to come in and start with Greensboro Downtown Public Library. I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to share much about it until it’s all done. But good times.

And last but not least is my capstone. I’ve already started building it on WordPress. I’ve got to write a couple of papers for it before it’s done. Look for a link at the top when I’m completed.


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