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Another fun open source software* to share: Prezi.

Before I start I have to say it’s almost impossible to figure out what exactly Prezi are. Which I think for any new application if the website doesn’t tell me what it is then I’m less likely to spend more time on the site to figure it out myself. From first looks at the site I gather it’s a way to do presentations online. But that doesn’t really tell me anything, at first I thought it was just another way to make power-points, but it’s not. So I gave up and went to Wikipedia. Turns out:

“Prezi is a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides.” Wikipedia

I was intrigued so I actually went back on the site and looked at some of it’s promotional videos that were uploaded using YouTube. I also looked at some of the published prezis and I think it’s a great tool. I also think it’s going to take some time to learn. It can be argued easier to learn than Powerpoint because the animation and features that make an effective power-point is already built into the presentation tools. It’s like an animated Photoshop page.

A down side would be that you start with a completely empty canvas and that can get the better of you. I can make an a great informative Powerpoint in about half an hour if I have all the information ready to go. However I don’t really see that happening with this tool as I would have to spend more time planning the overall presentation before I even started. One of the features is creating a path in which your presentation follows. Same way when you plan the which slide goes before which.

I know why they don’t really explain what Prezi is because it’s hard to explain. In truth you need to check it out for yourself.

*Correction: Prezi is not technically a open source software they are a freemium (free+premium) web application. I’m sorry for any confusion I might have caused.

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