2011 ACE Conference

Back in August of 2010 I attended the last ACE Scholar meeting. It was sad, weird, and exciting all at the same time. I blogged about it over on the ACE Scholars blog. Anyway doing that time we scholars got to talking about how sometimes we felt a bit removed from the other students. Soon the conversation got to doing a possible talk to open up the dialogue about why the scholarship was needed and was so important.

I’m not quite sure how it happened but pretty soon we were throwing around details on a conference. And thus Un-Hushed was born. The 2011 ACE Conference is scheduled for March 26th. The official titled is: Un-Hushed: Speaking Up in the Library and Information Science Profession (Or The Really Fun, Super Cool Library Conference).

You can learn more about it here and here. Oh! And while you are at: Follow us on twitter @UNCG_ACE


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