Practicum Day ??: Spring Break Edition

This past week was spring break for my school as well as my practicum site. This meant there weren’t as many student workers to help out. Which meant this week I served on the reference desk alone the whole time I was at my site. There weren’t many students in the library, but a good number did come I guess to catch up or get ahead of work. Smart kids. Most of the people who needed help were professors and visiting researchers. We also held a conference at our library that helped do some things for the librarians on the committee.

I was a bit nervous actually being the only person on the reference desk as I usually have a librarian back up that I can just turn to and ask for assistance. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The professors are easier in some regards than students as they usually know what they want and students usually need some guidance.

Starting this week I’ve been told it will pick up a lot more since the end of the semester long course is nearing and those who haven’t started on the final papers will be doing so soon.

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