2011 UnHushed: The Review!

Two weeks late but better than never. On March 26, the fruition of months of planning and stressing came to an end. Unhushed went off without a hitch. I truly enjoyed myself. And the remarks we got afterwards leads me to believe everyone else had a great time.

To be quite honest I wasn’t sure how everything was going to pan out. We Scholars had no experience in putting together a conference or an unconference for that matter. So it was many of times when I doubted we would be able to pull everything off. But we had some great captains, Alesha Lackey and Ingrid Ruffin leading us and they did a great job. Throughout the conference I was tweeting away and I truly enjoyed that. Got a chance to test out the iPad while I was at it.

Our guest speaker Stanley Wilder was very informal. I pulled a lot from his talk. I was able to attend fellow Scholar, Ashanti Jackson’s presentation and the poster presentations were great. I hope the next cohort will continue with another conference as I’m so excited to see what theme and topics they chose.

Here are some photos I took:


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