LIS Departmental Picnic

This past Saturday my LIS department held their annual picnic. I wasn’t able to go last year so I was very determined to go this year. Even though the weather was going to be less than ideal for picnic shenanigans. It was held about an hour away at the Dan Nicholas Park which I had never been to. It’s a big park, they offer a petting zoo, a wild life nature activity, a train ride, carousel, Mini Golf and more. I invited my best friend and her nieces. While were able to do every thing we were able to see their Aquarium and some of the wild life animals. While my friend’s husband took the girls on the carousel, we caught a game of mini golf. We ended playing through while the girls went to see the petting zoo as well.

By the end of the game it had started to rain and thunder so we opted to head home. It was a fun day all around. I was able to hold some conversations with classmates I hadn’t seen all semester. As well as professors.

I’ll be uploading some pictures on Facebook later on.

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