Capstone Submitted and New Features

After an arduous task of compiling a vehicle worthy of showcasing my accomplishments these last two years I happily submitted my capstone a day early. It wasn’t really arduous though. I started back in December by making a folder on my hard drive to keep files in. I choose to use WordPress as I was comfortable with the platform and when I choose to buy my own webhost I can just move this blog and that capstone over in one action.

Before I started I made sure I had the rubric and then I looked at some of the examples on the LIS webpage. Before January I had already started building the site. I think from that time till just a couple of weeks ago I must have went through several designs. If you’ve read my blog for more than a month you know I switch up this design a lot. I knew I wanted it to be simple and monochromatic. I knew I wanted the typography to be sleek and modern and the post column to be rather wide. I was settled on one theme when WordPress released the Morning After Theme. Instant love. Screenshot time!

Screenshot of my capstone front page.

You can click the image above OR click the link in the new custom menu I’ve created. Speaking of new features to the blog. Along with the new layout and them I’ve done some rearranging. Part of a long list of things I’ve meant to do. Here’s another screenshot to show you the new features.

New Features

1. The custom menu, now with links to my facebook profile, my LinkedIn Profile and my Capstone portfolio.

2. I’ve moved my archives to their own page. Splitting them up by the last 4 weeks, 12 months and then yearly. In order to clean up the sidebars.

3. Contact me! Now with a new contact me form…in case you don’t want to leave a comment but would love to send a note, use this form.

With the new layout I’ll be noting featured posts as well as little updates. I hope everyone enjoys these new features.


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