Should I apply for a job that I meet the requirements for and all but two of the preferred qualities even though it’s not the position I want but has a greater potential to leading to what I do want? Is that selling out?


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  1. Never take a position you “don’t want” but at the same time, don’t confuse a position you are unsure about with one you honestly know you would hate. Look at why you wouldn’t want it and see if those reasons are from absolute dislike for the job as a whole, or if this is just apprehension over some pieces of the position. Remember, you were nervous about teaching your own class, but when you put yourself to the test, you were a natural!

    • Thanks Jen…I shouldn’t reject it outright, sometimes I can be a bit hasty. But navigating this job market is a hard thing. I don’t want to get locked in a position that I don’t want.

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