Practicum Day 23: Archives

With the practicum winding I’m trying to finish up loose ends and still enjoy my time at the same. However Tuesday I found myself out of commission with a day of sickness. Thursday I was much better.

Another round of reference desk hours, the weather was a bit gray that morning so we didn’t see many people in the library.

Class was a work day. Tuesday is the last day of class and we have them scheduled to do their final presentations. They have to give a 5-7 minute presentation about their topic. I hate that I missed Tuesday as I was told they didn’t do so well on their website source presentations. Apparently most of the groups slacked off on the presentation and their sources. I know websites are hard to find but we expected them to have so not so great sites and at least 1 great site. Apparently that wasn’t the case. So I’m interested to see how the final presentations go.

After class I headed to Archives for a crash course into archives and digital archives. First I read through their processing and accession manual. Which outlined how they processed new collections and additions. As well as how to fill out the accession form, when to organize and when not, and how to prepare the items for addition to the actual Archives. Even though I’ve had an archival class some of the steps were still hard to understand and by the end of it all I was a bit cross-eyed. After reading it I went of it with one of the archivist and she help break it down and answered the questions I had. Then we moved to the digital side by walking through Archivist Toolkit and Dspace. She also outlined the project that I will working on. Excitement!

I was able to take a copy of the manual home so I could read over it again, I really want to understand the thing for my edification.


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