Missed Lunch and a Trip Around the World

This is a couple of weeks past due but life happened.

April 16 was the UNCG LIS Alumni Luncheon. I was all set to go but as everyone knows the south has been plagued with severe storms this past month. And that Saturday was a really bad one. I live about 45 minutes away from Greensboro so while I was steadily trans-versing the highway the rain was pouring down in what I can only describe as sheets of glass. There were at least three different accidents I passed. Needless to say I arrived to the Luncheon about an hour and a half late and didn’t feel right coming in at that point, so I missed it. C’est la Vie! I’ll have to try even harder to make it to next year’s event, when I’ll be an actual Alumni. ^_^

The same day was UNCG’s International Festival. Since freshman year in undergrad I’ve tried to attend this festival every year. It’s a great chance to meet with the international students and be immersed in a global learning experience without dealing with TSA. Because of the hurricane happening outside they moved the festivities inside and it was rather crowded, but I still enjoyed myself.

My favorite tables were the Japanese table who were selling things for Japan Aid. The students behind the UK table were very informing and the Baltic state tables were interesting. Here are some shots I took:


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