The End.

As of the end of last Thursday I saw the end of my MLIS journey, well sort of. Thursday was the last day of my practicum. I had already turned in all the papers and projects due which meant when I told my supervisor goodbye I was officially done. In all honesty I’m not quite sure how I feel about it being done. I’m a bit ambivalent about it. On the one hand I’m so relieved to know it’s all done, but on the other hand I’m stressed about what the future brings.

For the past two years I’ve had a steady goal of working towards May 6th and now it’s with in a mere few days away. It’s crazy.

What’s Next?

Well I wished I could be writing about the awesome position I have lined up but atlas no such luck. I have been asked to continue with my internship at Wake Forest so at least I will be able to stay in a professional environment while I search for a position. I’m steadily applying for jobs, I’ve set a goal a day that I work towards. Maybe I’ll post about my job search strategy another day.

I will be working with my professor to continue the research we started in the independent study. There was some complications with my partner but in the end the research was fun and I learned a lot. So I hope to either present it at NCLA or submit to a journal. Stay tuned.

In the last two years I’ve grown and learned so much and I know I’m capable of a lot I think these next few months are going to be interesting. And I hope that I can soon be writing about interviews and job accepting topics. But I’m willing to wait on the right job. So wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “The End.

  1. I missed you today (like I didn’t already say this on your Facebook wall)!

    I need to sit down and reflect on my time in the department as well before I can write something coherent. Maybe after a little sleep!

    • I all sorts of plans to come to graduation but what started off as a tickled on Thursday was diagnosed as Strep Throat on Friday. Tis my luck really I went the whole semester not getting sick outside of a headache here and there, to make it to the end and get sidelined. Oh well! Congratulations my fellow librarian. We will have to make plans for this summer in between the mad rush of applying and job hunting to hang out and catch up.

      • Ack! Everyone has been getting ill! I hope you’re feeling better now. Nancy Poole told me how sick she was so she barely managed to stumble out of her house to come see me for a moment.

        Since I work from home, I have very low exposure to ilnnesses, so I’ve been pretty hardy so far.

        Dad gave me the green light that I can travel with my car so I can come visit you! I’m trying to put together my summer schedule while I look for work, so I’m unsure of things right now!

      • I’m glad it waited til after the end of everything to hit. My summer plans are up in the air as well but just let me know when you are free, and we can make plans then.

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