My First Weekend on the Job

This past weekend I worked my first weekend as the Weekend Night Librarian at HPU’s Learning Commons. I got to see the other staff did an excellent job in welcoming me onto the staff. I wasn’t at all that nervous about my shift. I was very much looking forward to being back in the atmosphere of studying and learning.

Friday Night

Friday night I was expecting it to be a very quiet night, after all it was the first Friday of the school year and I remembered my first Friday night as a freshman in college. First taste of real freedom…yeah I wasn’t nowhere near a library. While I didn’t have that many people actually coming in to study I did have a good number of people come in and print things off and surf the internet for a minute or two. A few students brought in their family to show off the space and some students came just to check out the place, then to pronounce “I’m sooo going to come here to study.” And I can’t blame them. If UNCG had a spot like this on their campus I would have been there almost everyday.

Plush and Comfy

Even though the space was quiet inside; outside was another matter, it was mass chaos. As students filled the campus streets with ruckus and what not. Ah the college days. It was a bit difference being on campus at night as up until now I’ve been working during the day. I spent the night getting acquainted with the space and answering the few chat questions I got. I also started working on some marketing signs for the Learning Commons.

Saturday Night

Saturday I thought for sure I would have another quiet night. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I have people actually studying but I had a steady stream of students in the space the whole night. For the first four hours or so at least 10 kids where in there each hour, then it dwindle to about 3 an hour. Chat was quite busy as well, multiple chats at once. I was quite surprised and pleased. And the outside ruckus dwindled as well. I ended up finishing three signs for the week, they were similar signs just different color schemes. I wasn’t sure which would read better. And just because here’s another shot of my beautiful surroundings.


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